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Are you Gay yet? is a game friends play at parties, The rules of the game is you have to be paired with the same gender, and that gender starts off by moving up to you and saying "Are you gay yet?" if the person says no, you carry moving you're hand closer to the groin and carry on saying "Are you gay yet?" if the person keeps saying NO you carry on even to the point of taking off their clothes and when they get uncomfortable they say 'Yes' that's when you leave them alone. The whole concept of the game is to get them to admit they are gay. (Even if they are straight it's just part of the game)

Scythe belongs me
Yuue belongs MellowShroom

Edit: This isn't the rules of the game.
EDIT: Old comic, disabled comments because I don't like this comic. Keeping comic up because several copies are online...this is the original. 
Edit: The whole 'joke' of this comic was that Scythe is a homophobe, when explained the rules he still continues to say no which in the game means continue. Has sex and when asked again he says no. To escape stripping or what not you say yes, by not saying yes scythe basically just threw the fact he's not homophobic. 

I was 15 when I did this and I cringe at it every day. (Y)
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